Hear my brand-new album ‘Old Fashioned Gal’

Old Fashioned Gal - Kat Edmondson

My brand-new record Old Fashioned Gal is finally available!   It features the song some of you may have heard by now — the song I never intended to share with anyone — “A Voice.”  I wrote “A Voice” during an especially trying time, but am now passing it on to you. May it help you remember that you have #avoice worth sharing.

You can hear “A Voice” and the rest of the album at one of these (virtual) locations:

Amazon // Spotify // Google Play // iTunes/Apple Music // Tidal

For you true high-definition-music lovers, click here to purchase your physical copy today.

When your record is mixed by the great Al Schmitt, you hope that everyone will listen to the sound quality in the best possible format!!!

p.s. Vinyl will happen, hopefully sooner than later!  But it’s just CDs and downloads for the moment… -K.E.

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Billboard premieres “A Voice”

Kat’s new music video for her song “A Voice” premieres today on Billboard.com

An intimate journey from doubt to resolve and implied triumph — with plenty of close shots of Edmonson singing — the “A Voice” video is, in fact, a microcosm of those emotions she felt going into the making of Old Fashioned Gal, which comes out April 27. Smarting from some negative criticism, especially about her own distinctive, reedy voice, that she received for 2014’s The Big Picture, Edmonson used the new material as a creative pep talk to help her move forward.”


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Three-Night NYC Residency Sells Out

                       Kat’s three-night NYC Winter Residency at City Vineyard on the Hudson drew the crowds as each show (Feb 6, Feb 20, and Feb 27) sold out.  Every night included an array of special guests and special songs- no two shows were alike.  The venue, overlooking the Hudson River with views of New Jersey, was the perfect place to create the kind of intimacy that Kat says she aimed to achieve with this series of shows.  “I wanted to find a way to get closer with my audience and try new things, ” Kat said.  She certainly did.

photograph by Jamie Kalikow (Aaron Thurston on drums, Clara Kennedy on cello, Dana Lyn on violin, Roy Dunlap on keyboard, Matt Munisteri on guitar, Bob Hart on bass)

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NY Magazine Picks Kat’s NYC Winter Jazz Fest Show

Kat in New York Magazine

You can’t teach the timbre of Kat Edmonson’s voice — sort of a soft, winter-light version of Amy Winehouse’s fabled pipes. Backed by a piano-guitar-bass-drum quartet, she’s the kind of timeless singer that could flip through the Great American Songbook and bring energy to every page.” – NY Mag


Kat and her band plays NYC Winter Jazz Fest, on the NY Hot Jazz Fest Stage, Saturday, 1/13/18, 8:20 p.m.; Django at the Roxy Hotel; 2 Sixth Ave., at White St.; 212-519-6649

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NPR Premieres Kat’s Brand New Song “Old Fashioned Gal” on ‘Songs We Love’

NPR and WBGO‘s Nate Chinen featured Kat’s brand new song, Old Fashioned Gal, on NPR Music‘s “Songs We Love.”  View what Nate said HERE.

Pre-order Kat’s new record, Old Fashioned Gal, out April 27th, 2018, HERE.

It might make you think of Blossom Dearie finessing some lesser-known number by Cole Porter. But Edmonson is astute with her references, and canny about the flirtation at the center of the song.

Kat Edmonson's Old Fashioned Gal featured on NPR Music's Songs We Love

Hear the title track from Kat’s new record “Old Fashioned Gal” on NPR’s ‘Songs We Love’

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