Kat made her theatrical debut January of 2022 in Taylor Mac's new work, The Hang! The Hang is a ritual celebration of queerness, questions, and the eternity of a moment. Rooted in the jazz tradition and operatic form, it imagines the final hours of the life of Socrates, as he asks his friends to stay with him a little while longer and to use every moment left to think on virtue. What transpires is a centuries-long communal consideration full of jazz, dance, debates and queer romps. The Hang features a book and lyrics by Taylor Mac, music by Matt Ray, with direction by Niegel Smith, and choreography by Chanon Judson.

The New York Times says, "At a time of loneliness and anxiety, ["The Hang"] extols and exemplifies one of theater's greatest virtues - communion".

The Hang - (January 20th - March 6th, 2022) at HERE Arts Center. 

Photos by Maria Baranova