Hear my brand-new album ‘Old Fashioned Gal’

Old Fashioned Gal - Kat Edmondson

My brand-new record Old Fashioned Gal is finally available!   It features the song some of you may have heard by now — the song I never intended to share with anyone — “A Voice.”  I wrote “A Voice” during an especially trying time, but am now passing it on to you. May it help you remember that you have #avoice worth sharing.

You can hear “A Voice” and the rest of the album at one of these (virtual) locations:

Amazon // Spotify // Google Play // iTunes/Apple Music // Tidal

For you true high-definition-music lovers, click here to purchase your physical copy today.

When your record is mixed by the great Al Schmitt, you hope that everyone will listen to the sound quality in the best possible format!!!

p.s. Vinyl will happen, hopefully sooner than later!  But it’s just CDs and downloads for the moment… -K.E.